Quicker, more efficient cleaning

We know how important cleaning is in a hospital so we support and train you in proven implementation models and best practice. 

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Improved patient flow

We understand the pressure on bed capacity in hospitals so we support you in the deployment and implementation of our technologies to reduce down time and improve patient flow. 

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Measurable reduction of infections

We work with you to get a deep understanding of the real infection needs and develop solutions which will measurably reduce the rate of infection through validated processes and reporting.

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Hygiene Solutions

Preventing hospital acquired infections is challenging.

We work with hospitals to implement decontamination technologies that reduce the risk of patients acquiring infection whilst in hospital.

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Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

An introduction to HCAIs and the crucial role of infection prevention and control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Hygiene Solutions


Our new all-in-one hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) decontamination system offers automated reporting, continuous enviornmental monitoring and real-time data.

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Is high level disinfection important to you?

ProXcide™ is the most advanced automated vapour decontamination system available to hospitals today. It is easy to use, comes with a touch screen display, end of process reporting and it is faster than ever. ProXcide™ is ideal for high-level disinfection of mobile patient equipment, isolation rooms, whole therapy areas and gymnasiums.

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Is rapid decontamination of patient environments a priority?

Ultra-V™ is an automated UV-C light decontamination system that provides rapid decontamination of high through-put and shared hospital environments. Hospitals find the Ultra-V™  excellent for A&E, emergency departments, theatres and shared patient areas such as toilets, bathrooms and treatment rooms.

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Intelligent ultraviolet (UV-C) decontamination technology for consistent validated disinfection of hospital environments, patient equipment and clinical areas.

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The original automated decontamination system for regulated distribution of hydrogen peroxide vapour. Easy to use, cost effective and proven by hospitals around the world.

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Are infections impacting your patient flow? 

Our range of proactive and reactive decontamination programmes help hospitals eliminate contamination and reduce the risk of infection to patients

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Evidence Hub

Find research studies and evaluations of how automated decontamination system improve hospital environment hygiene and reduce outbreaks.

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24/7 Rapid Response

When the unexpected happens, we provide rapid deployment of decontamination services, where you need them.

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Infection Control

Learn more about the common challenges in infection prevention and control as well as the best strategies to employ.

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