In today's modern and busy healthcare economy, infection prevention and control has never been more important. We understand the very real challenges that hospitals and medical environments face every day - with the growing emergence of new pathogens, increased antibiotic resistance and a population that is becoming more susceptible to infection.

We have been focused on specialist hygiene solutions to hospitals since 2007. Through our combination of research-based evidence, innovative technologies and hands-on experience, we are able to offer a seamless experience from needs analysis through to solution design and project delivery.

Our approach focuses first on gaining a deep understanding of the infection need, before designing a solution that fits within the broader constraints of the organisation and delivering a decontamination service to reduce the transmission of microorganisms, improve patient flow and enhance environmental safety. We work with hospitals around the world providing our technology and training through to deploying rapid decontamination services to meet an immediate infection need. 

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Measurable reduction of infection

Reducing infection in hospitals

For the Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) or the executive sponsor of the infectious diseases programme in a hospital, having a strategy to control the risk of contamination in the environment is critical.

At Hygiene Solutions we understand the challenges of the modern healthcare environment. We work with hundreds of hospitals in many countries to provide solutions that reduce the risk of patients acquiring infections.

We will take the time to understand your particular infection control challenge. We analyse historical data and trends, as well as search relevant literature and case studies, to design and deliver a solution that will deliver measurable reduction of infection in your hospital.

Take a look at some of the evidence of how we've helped hospitals reduce infections in specific areas or situations.



Hygiene Solutions provide clinically proven and cost effective methods to enhance infection prevention and control while at the same time being sensitive to the patient experience and minimising the impact on service delivery and operational productivity.


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Improve patient flow


Hygiene Solutions have proven to be a valuable partner, providing an integrated approach, ongoing support and a safe environment for our patients across our three hospital sites.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Creating a safe environment

Increasing rates of HAI's (hospital acquired infections), and the recurrence of outbreaks can often lead to disruption or closure of planned and emergency admissions, surgery and outpatient services. HAI's (hospital acquired infections) pose significant risks of extended length of stay of patients in hospital, morbidity and associated mortality. Acquisition of infection in hospital increases the cost of care and reduces opportunity for revenue to the organisation.

We understand the problems you’re facing and we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

We will work with you to understand the infection needs in the hospital, design a solution to meet them and implement safe, efficient and cost-effective decontamination routines that will improve patient flow and create a safe environment for your patients, visitors and staff.

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Quicker more efficient cleaning

Supporting the hospital cleaning staff

The growing rates of HAIs in hospitals can create significant challenges for cleaning and maintenance teams. Higher patient numbers can negatively impact cleaning efficiency and increased outbreaks require additional staff and cleaning supplies.

The role of the cleaning staff has never been more important. 

But, even when the most meticulous of manual cleaning practices are followed, microbial contamination of surfaces can remain, which raises the risk of spreading and acquiring infections. 

Using automated decontamination alongside regular cleaning regimes will provide domestic cleaning staff with the reassurance that they are delivering the best possible service for patients, visitors and staff.

Hygiene Solutions provide full training in the use of all our automated decontamination devices and we will support you and your staff 24/7 via our helpline. 


It was the combination of innovative technologies, with excellent support from Hygiene Solutions, that helped us decide to use Deprox. Hygiene Solutions used their experiences from other sites and we worked together to fine-tune it for our hospitals.



Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

An introduction to HCAIs and the crucial role of infection prevention and control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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