Specialist Hygiene Solutions was established on the 19th of June 2007 to provide hospital disinfection products, service and consultations. Our ambition was and still is to meet a real human need that is very important for present and future generations.

The current challenges facing the healthcare industry nowadays are increased resistance to antibiotics, emerging pathogens around the world and population becoming more susceptible to infections.

As such, we focus on listening and understanding what are our customer needs, helping them to implement technology that could improve patient outcomes by creating a safe hospital environment.

By developing a deep understanding and constantly engaging with the customer we make sure it is less about us and more about helping our customers to achieve what they want.

Today we are based in Kings Lynn, United Kingdom and we work with over 50% of NHS Trusts with significant expansion in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud of our products and our team that creates them.


An introduction to improving infection prevention & control in healthcare environments

Why hospital hygiene is crucial for ensuring patient safety, enhancing patient flow and reducing operational costs.

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