Ambulance Readiness Centre (ARC)

A rapid decontamination process for emergency vehicles

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Rapid decontamination

ARC is a sheltered facility for the rapid decontamination of ambulances and other emergency vehicles using UV-C light or hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technologies.

The centre allows Inivos’ team to deliver high standard decontamination using its Ultra-V and ProXcide decontamination technologies on site and in rapid time.

Drive in, drive out

The ARC is made rapid by its efficient ‘drive in, drive out’ system. The ambulance is driven through dirty, clean and replenishment stages of the readiness centre to undergo cleaning and decontamination of equipment and disposal of waste before being stocked up again, ready to drive out the other side.


Scalable model

A combination of secure containers, modified to create clean operational spaces, are joined by a dry flexible structure, which can be erected onto any hardcore or hardstanding surface, on a hospital site or in a convenient regional location.

Depending on the space, the ARC can take the form of either a maxi or mini model; both ensuring the minimum requirements in safety and the maximum efficacy in decontamination are met.

Rigorous safety

Rapid decontamination only occurs once the ambulance crew have safely exited the centre or have entered the safe zone within (maxi model).

Consideration has been taken to provide hand hygiene points in the centre, along with clearly separated sections to ensure safety and security.


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Managed service

Inivos can deploy a team of specialists to manage your Ambulance Readiness Centre. This includes emptying, preparing, and deep cleaning the ambulances prior to the decontamination cycle, operating the UV-C or HPV systems, returning the ambulance to its pre-state post cycle, replenishing all stock and equipment, and taking responsibility for general housekeeping of the facility. 

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