Deprox™ is supported by a comprehensive range of branded accessories specifically designed to provide a more efficient method and user-friendly set up of treatment areas.

Supporting safe and effective decontamination

Our suite of accessories help support cleaning staff to perform safe and effective decontamination using Deprox™.

Deprox™ Utility Trolley

An easy-to-use trolley to hold all the accessories you will need to perform a decontamination process.


Fire Detector CapKit

An easy-to-use, single-person operated method of capping fire detectors whilst avoiding the risks associated with working at height.


Deprox™ Door Bar

Protect the integrity of your decontamination process and prevent accidental exposure, keeping the door secured and shut.

Deprox Door Bar - Small

Ventilation Restriction Kit

An easy-to-use, single person operated method of sealing ventilation grilles whilst avoiding the risks associated with working at height.



Innovative hydrogen peroxide vaporisation (HPV) for regulated, efficient and cost-effective bio-decontamination of closed spaces.

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All-in-one HPV decontamination with automated reporting, constant environmental monitoring and real-time data.

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