Environmental cleaning and disinfection are crucial to the prevention and control of infection within hospital and healthcare facilities. Pathogens such as MRSA and norovirus, as well as multi-drug resistant organisms, can easily be shed from infected or colonised patients - and it is possible for them to survive on dry surfaces for hours, days, or...


It seems crazy to think that we haven’t always been aware of the important role hand hygiene plays in preventing the spread of infection.


Outbreaks of infection are common in acute hospital settings and can be caused by a wide variety of microorganisms. Public Health England (PHE) defines an outbreak as: ‘an incident in which two or more people experiencing a similar illness are linked in time or place’. The term ‘outbreak’ can also be applied to a single case of a rare disease - suc...


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Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

An introduction to HCAIs and the crucial role of infection prevention and control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.