Automated decontamination methods help to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Using these methods alongside manual cleaning provides hospital cleaning staff with the reassurance that they are creating the safest possible environment for patients, visitors and staff.

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Hospital associated infections (HAIs) are a serious risk to patients, staff and visitors. In the UK, it is estimated that over 300,000 patients acquire HAIs every year, and at a cost of millions of pounds for hospital trusts.

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In our last blog post, we looked at the crucial role cleaners play in breaking the chain of infection in hospitals. But infection prevention and control (IPC) isn’t just down to the cleaners. It is the responsibility of everyone working in the hospital, including doctors and nurses, and of course, the dedicated IPC team.

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Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

An introduction to HCAIs and the crucial role of infection prevention and control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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