Creating Patient-Ready Spaces

Inivos Health Spaces is our business unit dedicated to providing rapid deployment of healthcare facilities to enable healthcare providers to increase capacity, improve patient flow and reduce the risk of infection.

Our Approach



We take time to understand the impact those needs have in the broad hospital context


We use all of the knowledge, evidence and creativity available to us to design detailed and practical solutions to best meet the need


We will support you to deliver the result because your performance is the measure of our relevance


Our Delivery Models


Design & Build

Reconfiguration and construction within an existing physical space

  • Maximise space utilisation
  • Optimise existing facilities
  • Increase clinical capacity

Modular Build

Rapid deployment of modular or temporary healthcare facilities
  • Deploy rapidly
  • Scalable to meet the clinical need
  • Minimise on-site disruption

Our Building System



We design with the future in mind so we use construction methods that allow the space to be easily redeployed for another purpose at some point in the future


We like to standardise the design and construction of the space around, what we call our hub and spoke design to ensure the space can be replicated in the future if needed

Focus on Patient Safety

We like to fully understand the use of the space before we design it. Nurse to patient ratios, clinical activities, infection risks and patient safety and dignity


Inivos Health Spaces

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