Working with acute hospitals around the world, Hygiene Solutions has developed a track record of delivering significant, measurable reduction of infections in hospitals.

By analysing infection data and understanding interventions that have delivered the greatest impact, we have developed our evidence based approach to reducing infections in hospitals. We call it 'Understand, Design, Deliver'.



Only when we have a deep understanding of your infection needs will we look to present solutions. We analyse your data, understand your infrastructure, study your patient flow dynamics and clarify your desired outcomes. For us, it is important we have a thorough understanding of your needs to ensure we design an implementation plan that will actually deliver infection reduction results.

We recognise that in some infection outbreak scenarios, time is of the essence and a solution is needed in a mater of hours. Our rapid response team fast-track resources to ensure you have what you need in time to make those important decisions. 



We use our insights to design solutions that we are confident in. Using the intelligence we have gathered we design a solution that meets your requirements and fits around your many organisational pressures and priorities including patient flow, deadlines, acuity of patients, health and safety considerations, staffing capacity and budget.

We work with key stakeholders across the organisation to agree the detail of this delivery plan. This may involve deploying additional resource out of hours, liaising with other subcontractors who work within the organisation or agreeing the process for moving patients to release space. Whatever it is, the detail is important to ensure the seamless delivery of the solutions. 



We believe we deliver decontamination better than anyone else because we have gone the extra mile in understanding your organisation. Using the intelligence we have gathered and the consensus we have secured, we deploy our technicians on site, backed up by our office based operations managers who help keep the project on track.

Our 'Understand, Design, Deliver' process ensures a seamless experience for our customers from analysis to outcome that is suitable for almost any situation:

  • single room decontamination
  • isolation room decontamination 
  • outbreak management 
  • whole ward decontamination
  • multi-occupancy areas
  • non-clinical area decontamination 
  • 24/7 rapid-response
  • planned deployment
  • full time managed services


Added value from Hygiene Solutions services

We combine intelligent insights and expert operational delivery to consistently achieve reduction of infection in hospitals. We call this 'our added value'. 

Our observation from working with hospitals around the world is there are generally two core groups of specialists, the 'thinkers' and the 'doers', but too often they work in isolation. The 'thinkers' analyse data, uncover trends and gain fresh insights into emerging infection risks. The 'doers' have a long list of work to do and not enough hours in the day to do it, they are great at day to day routines but they struggle to release resource to deliver projects and step change. 

Hygiene Solutions thrive on bringing these two groups together to deliver measurable infection reduction and better patient outcomes. We use the intelligent insights to design and deliver meaningful solutions that can be delivered and managed for both daily decontamination routines and complex decontamination projects. 

  • Sharing best practice and learning from the many hospital facilities we work with around the world
  • Bringing cohesion between multiple teams, both clinical and operational, to achieve the desired outcome
  • Managing and delivering complex projects, from single bed-space decontamination to whole wards, from a single treatment room to an operation theatre complex
  • Agility to scale up and down to meet the operational requirements of the hospital, from a single room to a whole department
  • Ability to deploy solutions rapidly and consistently around the clock
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