Infection Control Products and Solutions

Proven bio-decontamination and disinfection products to reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) and keep your patient environments safe

Our decontamination services are based on a suite of technologies specifically developed for healthcare, taking into account the need for high efficacy, validation, rapid turnaround and safe processes. All services are available using both hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination and UV-C light systems.



All-in-one hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) decontamination offering automated reporting, constant environmental monitoring and real-time data.

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Intelligent ultraviolet (UV-C) decontamination technology for consistent disinfection and elimination of pathogens in a diverse range of clinical areas.

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Innovative hydrogen peroxide vaporisation (HPV) for regulated, efficient and cost-effective bio-decontamination of closed spaces.

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Our products are supported by a suite of consumables to ensure rapid and safe decontamination.

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Decontamination Wristband
Deprox Door Bar - Small


Explore our range of branded accessories designed to support, simplify and streamline your decontamination processes.

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Our Services

Hygiene Solutions has developed a track record of delivering significant, measurable reduction of infections in hospitals.

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