Inivos Our People

Rick Fentiman

Managing Director

Rick has wide experience in managing outbreaks and hospital wide infection reduction programs. In his role he focuses on understanding customer needs and developing and implementing  infection control strategies. 

Inivos Our People

Tautvydas Karitonas

Research and Development Manager

Tautvydas has a background in product engineering and drives the research and development program within Specialist Hygiene Solutions. He is involved in researching, developing and managing the products and services that our customers are looking for and overseeing the IOT suite which produces the real-time reports from all of our systems.

Inivos Our People

Tom Lister

Client Support Manager

Tom has broad experience in how hospitals function and the key drivers in introducing an effective decontamination program using proven implementation models. His clear, action-orientated approach has helped to solve many infection outbreaks and hospital infection challenges. 

Inivos Our People

Nicola Stanforth

Office Manager

Nicola has a background in general financing, payroll and HR. She manages the supporting functions of the business and oversees policies, procedures and compliance.