Our products are supported by a suite of consumables to ensure rapid and safe decontamination.

Supporting seamless decontamination

We understand that healthcare staff need to keep moving and treating patients. Our Deprox Equipment Tags and Decontamination Process Warning Signs help ensure a seamless service where clinical and hospital staff are kept fully informed at all times.

Deprox Equipment Tags

A handy visual way to identify equipment that has been decontaminated.

SHS_Decontamination_Wristband-Artwork - With shadow

Decontamination Process Warning Signs

Simple and highly visible single use sign with ‘proof of process’ stub for reference.

Deprox Warning Sign


Innovative hydrogen peroxide vaporisation (HPV) for regulated, efficient and cost-effective bio-decontamination of closed spaces.

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All-in-one HPV decontamination with automated reporting, constant environmental monitoring and real-time data.

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