Isolation Pods

Rapidly deployed and pre-fabricated virus testing and containment pods

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Customisable isolation pods

A rapidly deployable isolation pod, enabling testing of staff for virus infections before they enter a workplace, or a facility to safely don and doff PPE at crisis centres.

Measuring 4m wide, 2.4m tall and deep, the pod can be pre-built or supplied in kit form, enabling global deployment within weeks.

Effective Infection Control

The design allows for easy cleaning and de-infective process, as well as safe PPE donning/doffing. Each pod can have additional facilities integrated:

  • Hand washing facilities
  • Lockers and shelving for PPE
  • High level extraction
  • LED lighting
  • Energy monitoring devices
  • Thermal and acoustic options

Flexible modular system

The 500kg pods have crane lifting points for lorry delivery and easy positioning.  The removable and adjustable jockey wheels allow movement and levelling, with disabled access achievable.

Sustainable build

Manufactured to conform to all fire regulations, the structural insulated panels are made from recycled glass, enabling their recycling at end of use.



Why us?

Inivos enables hospitals to deliver better care faster and protect hospital staff from infection. They are experts in the transmission vectors of human pathogenic microorganisms and have deep understanding of the staff behaviours that reduce infection transmission. Working alongside the NHS and hospitals around the world, they have a proven track record of reducing infection rates and length of stay.

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