Uses self-monitoring functionality, a unique method of vapour dispersal, and in-built air-flow dispersal technology.

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ProXcide™ is our newest HPV decontamination technology created here at Inivos' UK Headquarters.

No operator programming is required. The ProXcide™ automatically adjusts every decontamination process for the specific environment.

ProXcide™ delivers vaporised 7.5% hydrogen peroxide using a unique method of vapour dispersal technology combined with powerful circulation.

This ensure the vapour is distributed throughout the room and makes contact with all surfaces requiring treatment. 

Hydrogen peroxide is automatically and rapidly deactivated at the end of the process.

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The system has been tested by the Biosafety Investigation Unit at Porton Down, reporting >log6 reduction of microorganisms associated with HAIs.


ProXcide™ provides a fully-automated decontamination cycle, ensuring the same level of efficacy is achieved during every decontamination process.


ProXcide™ provides decontamination in under 2 hours. Times will vary depending on the environmental parameters, size and contents.

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Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals

An introduction to HCAIs and the crucial role of infection prevention and control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.


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Deactivation of hydrogen peroxide

The ProXcide™ device contains a fully integrated deactivation unit that quickly and efficiently deactivates hydrogen peroxide in the treatment room.

It provides reassurance and control over the process, there is no need to rely on environmental conditions for hydrogen peroxide to dissipate and it makes the decontamination process much more time-efficient.


The ProXcide™ system monitors all necessary environmental variables, such as temperature, humidity and absorbency, providing the best quality of decontamination.

The complete decontamination cycle includes an injection phase, ‘dwell’ phase, and a deactivation phase.

The vapour, called Proxcin, has a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and is suitable and safe for the hospital environment and patient equipment.

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Manoeuvring the ProXcide™

The ProXcide™ system is designed to be handled by one person. Secured on six fully-steering castors, with a 360 degree handle, the device is easy to turn left or right.

The decontamination procedure is controlled remotely by using a process monitor - a Wifi enabled touch screen device that provides full visibility of the decontamination process during each stage.

Trained operators are given unique touch cards to activate the device.

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A regulated vaporisation system for bio-decontaminating enclosed spaces.

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