What is speciality department decontamination?

The need for speciality department decontamination often arises in clinical areas where the patient groups are particularly susceptible to infection due to suppressed immune systems such as haematology, oncology, cystic fibrosis, renal, transplant or intensive care (ICU). In these environments, hospitals have found a targeted decontamination program highly effective at reducing the risk of infection to those patient groups. This may include the proactive or reactive decontamination program of the patient environment, the clinical and non-clinical equipment or the shared patient facilities. 

This service can be delivered as a Project or as a deployment within your Managed Service provision.

The process for this service follows:


  • You identify a risk of contamination or cross-infection between patients in a specific clinical speciality or ward
  • Our project teams work with you to identify the patients and environments at risk within the unit
  • Our project teams work with you to identify the most suitable times to get access to these areas and the clinical stakeholders that need to be involved
  • Our team will work with all relevant stakeholders including building engineering, facilities and domestic services to build a plan that enables our technicians to access the areas and deliver the decontamination service
  • We work with you to ensure the area is manually cleaned and that the curtains, linen and other absorbent materials are removed


  • Our technician arrives on-site and carries out pre-process safety checks
  • We prepare the area for the decontamination cycle and erect the containment structure and remote monitoring devices
  • We liaise with the clinical and hospital staff in the adjacent areas to ensure they are fully informed about the decontamination process
  • We carry out the decontamination process and validate it to ensure it has met specific process parameters
  • We check the area is safe to readmit patients back into, dismantle the enclosure, and clear the decontamination equipment and systems to allow the clinical staff to prepare the area for the next patient
  • Our project teams will continue to work closely with you through each patient journey to ensure we are identifying and managing the environmental contamination risk throughout their time in hospital