A bold move against bacteria

Inivos’ Ready To Use range of sprays, wipes and gels effectively clean and disinfect hard surfaces throughout healthcare and hygiene-critical settings.

Our understanding of how pathogens manifest and multiply within the healthcare environment and how they are transmitted has been at the cornerstone of developing safe and effective Surface Hygiene Products. This new range of surface cleaning products has grown from our customers’ feedback, and we are committed to provide a more innovative, complete and effective range of Healthcare specific disinfectants.

The Universal Range


Sprays & Wipes

The Universal Range is a joint disinfectant and detergent which kills pathogens as well as cleans. Can be used on a range of surfaces such as many types of rubber, plastic, metal, acrylic glass, linoleum, PVC and anodised aluminium. Neutral pH formula for effective disinfection across a wide range of surfaces. Fast acting formula. Inactivates all enveloped viruses in less than a minute. Each wipe contains the correct amount of concentration No dispensing or dilution errors. Safer to handle than stronger agents like chlorine. This range comes as both wipes and ready to use spray.

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The Sporicidal Range


Solutions & Wipes

Revolutionary peracetic acid innovated by Inivos for all surface cleaning. Comes in a sachet which, when added to water, provides a solution for mops, buckets and cloths. Used for effective cleaning and high-level disinfection of hard surfaces in hygiene-critical and healthcare settings. Effective use against a wide range of bacterial, viruses and spores. Doesn’t require dispensing or measuring. Each sachet holds the correct amount for a one litre solution.

Proven to be effective against Hep B and C, HIV, MERS, SARS-COV2 and more effective than chlorine against C difficile. PPA is considered a safe and effective formula in comparison with other sporicides.  Bacterial spores are difficult to kill and can lay dormant for extended periods of time. Biodegrable components means it doesn’t linger on surfaces. Peracetic based products are safer to handle and store in comparison with conventional disinfectants.

Coming soon – sporicidal wipes


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Personal Care


Hand Gel

Alcohol hand sanitiser gel with 70% alcohol content ensures 99.99% bacteria and viruses are killed. Quick evaporating, highly viscous gel based sanitiser, ideal for sanitising hands without the need for water.

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For more information on our range of Surface and Personal Care products, please contact our team or download the spec sheets.

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