Ultra-V™ UV-C system

Intelligent technology for consistent disinfection

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Ultra-V™ UV-C system

Ultra-V™ is a UV-C light decontamination device. It emits light specifically at the wavelength 254nm through 10 powerful lamps.

UV-C light has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria by destroying the nucleic acid in DNA.

Sensors we call Spectromes are placed around the room to monitor the decontamination process and control the amount of UV-C light necessary for an effective decontamination.

Following completion of our training programme, all operators are issued with a unique key card to activate Ultra-V™ processes.

Ultra-V™ UV-C system


In comparison to other decontamination devices, Ultra-V is more time efficient as decontamination can be done in less than an hour.


The technology is simple to use and any hospital staff can be trained to perform decontamination with Ultra-V.


Multiple case studies have proven that Ultra-V is an effective decontamination method in preventing microorganism transmission and reducing outbreak rates.

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Ultra-V contains Spectrome technology, which analyses, measures and adjusts the UV-C exposure for each room to provide consistent and measurable results.

This technology is unique only for Ultra-V and it makes sure that the chosen area is fully decontaminated including dark corners or diverse surface areas.

It also has 10 UV-C light emitting lamps that are able to cover more exposed surfaces.


The Ultra-V system generates an automatic electronic report after every decontamination process.

This enables you to monitor the process of the decontamination, to implement any improvements in your decontamination programme and to track your overall device usage.

The Ultra-V technology is able to ensure exposure that has been independently validated to achieve >log5 reduction of microorganisms.

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Ultra-V™ report

Advanced safety features

The Ultra-V system uses Wifi, enabling remote control operation of the main unit from outside the treatment area. This eliminates the risk of operator exposure to UV-C light. 

A movement sensor system automatically switches off the lamps when unexpected movement is detected in the treatment space.

A stop emergency button can be used at anytime to terminate the process.

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