Ultra-V ConnectTM

The discrete tool to clean and decontaminate efficiently and routinely

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Ultra-V ConnectTM

Ultra-V Connect uses UV-C light ray technology to decontaminate effectively and efficiently.

The system emits UV-C rays through 3 germicidal lamps at a wavelength between 100 and 280nm.

A rapid decontamination cycle, combined with a 9,000 hour lamp life, means Ultra-V Connect is both practical and reliable.


Ultra-V Connect is designed to be affixed to the ceiling of the desired room, with six integrated motion sensors allowing for 360° coverage. The control system fixes neatly to a wall mount outside.


On the Wi-Fi-connected external control system, step-by-step instructions aid the user, through use of the touch screen, to run the decontamination process.


An auto-generated report is delivered via email after each cycle, providing a robust audit trail.

UV-C light has been proven to kill vegetative bacteria by destroying the nucleic acid in DNA.

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