Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment

Ensuring your workplace is COVID-secure

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think about communal spaces and how we use them. When businesses start to reopen, and more of us return to the workplace, employers and business leaders will need to ensure that their premises are both COVID-secure and compliant.

To do this, Inivos has devised the Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment. Using our expertise in infection prevention and control, we audit the workplace for which you are responsible and identify the risks of infection, furnishing you with a comprehensive breakdown of the assessment and giving you a clear view of the next steps you may need to take.

Specifically, the evaluation includes a questionnaire, as well as a full survey of the business environment, identifies risks for viral and bacterial spread across five main vectors – water, surfaces, air, people and food, and provides you with an in-depth report upon completion.

Furthermore, to allow you to use the service right now, while maintaining social distancing measures, the entire assessment can be completed remotely by Zoom, Teams or Skype. 

Our Workplace Infection Prevention Assessment has been specifically devised to enable the assessment of the broadest range of workplaces including those in the construction industry, manufacturing, logistics, retail and office & business space sectors.

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